Manas Chowki Eco-camp

An overwhelming camping experience at Manas Chowki Eco-camp.

New Year’s eve was approaching which started unrest in back of my mind. Eagerly waiting like a dog with a dangling tongue for somebody to throw a plan for new year celebration. Fortunately, one of my senior presented a plan to go for a camping trip at Manas Chowki Eco-camp, without any second thought I just embraced it. Feeling relieved!

Along with me and my senior, other six members gave their consent. We talked to a NGO and confirmed our plan with them for 30th and 31th of December. Feeling very exicted to have my first camping experience.

It was a wonderful sunny day on 30th, we packed our bags with the bare minimum clothes to withstand the cold and left IIT Guwahati at 12 PM. With instruction from the people of NGO we waited in Joyguru (NH27), near to most popular Gobindha Dhaba. The NGO had informed us of a public transport bus (ASTC) which they had talked to pick us. We boarded the bus at 1:30 PM, it took around two and a half hour to reach the NGO office. The people of the NGO welcomed us and indroduced themselves. The camp site (Chowki Picnic Spot) was 5km away from the NGO office. The route to it was one way, so they made us wait in their office garden till the convoy of returning picnic ends. They dicussed with us about their plan and arrangements. The Head of the NGO (Mr. Satan Ramsiyari) along with one member Mr. Durlav Choudhory will be among us in our stay to guide us. I was delighted to know, the next day they will take us for a trek across river and hills to the village Khalasu in Bhutan (very excited to cross border).

route from iit guwahati to NGO office
Route from IIT Guwahati to NGO office
route from NGO office to camping location
Route from NGO office to camping location










Finally, at 7:30 PM we were taken to the camp-site in a Maruti Van. Some other NGO members followed us in a mini-truck to set up the camp-site and carried supplies for the night. After next fifteen minutes, we arrived at our camp-site. It was a very dark and breezy night. We were surrounded by hills and were between mighty river Pagladia and its canal. Except to the splashing sound made by the rivers, it was very quite. No buzzing streets and sound of honking horns.

Bonfire was put up. We sat around it and enjoyed its warmth. They set up place for cooking, fried local chicken and pork, served us with some salads. Woah! That was delicious. We sang, danced and talked with the natives around the fire till 1 AM. Dinners was served and in group of two we headed to our tents, bed was ready with ample blankets.

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